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Adorable Puppies! Pikapup Kennel is a one-of-a-kind kennel, providing individuals and families one of the greatest joys that money can buy - a puppy.


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Abington, MA

Pikapup Kennel

We love the puppy we got from Pikapup!

I was searching for golden doodles up and down the east coast, and emailed a ton of breeders. The waitlist to get a puppy was really long because the litters were few and far between and the puppies already reserved. My dad got his 2 labs and 1 golden retriever from Pikapup, so I called to see if they had golden doodles and found out they had two: a male and female. I went that weekend and fell in love with the male, put a deposit on him to hold him and came back with my husband the next day to get him. We are so in love! Pikapup always has a selection of adorable puppies from different breeders, so you can explore different options of dogs when you're there. I loved that the employees there were honest with me about which puppies best fit our situation: even though I loved the male, they were not shy about telling me how big he was going to get or that he had just gotten over a cold (but got the all-clear from the vet 2 days prior, with paperwork to prove it). We looked at a golden retriever, and the employees told me about her personality and that she was a little nippy so she wouldn't be best with small children. They are not focused on making a sale, rather they want the puppies to find their forever homes and for them to be the best fit for their owners. All three of my dad's dogs and my current dog had trips to the vet soon after we brought them home and they were all healthy puppies. Our dog is so happy (and spoiled) and perfect for our family, and we are so happy that he is such a good fit.