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Adorable Puppies! Pikapup Kennel is a one-of-a-kind kennel, providing individuals and families one of the greatest joys that money can buy - a puppy.


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Westborough, MA

Pikapup Kennel

Very grateful to them for totally taking care of our puppy from start to finish

We initially decided to use Pik-A-Pup Kennel because of many good referrals. For a couple of months, we continually stopped in to check on the quality of the puppies and how they cared for them. They did a wonderful job, which is why we decided to get our puppy from them.

Pik-A-Pup is a really dependable service. Sometimes, buying a puppy from non-breeder can be looked down upon, but I think that Pik-A-Pup actually provides a better service because they take full responsibility and do all of the vet testing. The puppy also interacts with other animals, so it is much more balanced, well-behaved, and healthier.

Not only was Pik-A-Pup extremely helpful in giving us all of the information we needed, but, when our puppy was not eating properly and got dehydrated, they stepped up to help. We brought the puppy back to them and they took care of it through their vet, at no cost to us. I was very impressed by that.

Our experience with Pik-A-Pup could not have been better. I am very grateful to them for totally taking care of our puppy and nursing it back to health. They are very pleasant people to work with.

Paul Apkarian