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The Sound Room, located in Chesterfield (636)537-0404 is the premier home entertainment provider and systems integrator in Missouri


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The Sound Room

Competitively priced products, strong technical consultation and phenomenal customer service.

I would encourage others to give the Sound Room a try and experience what they have to offer! There have been several occasions over the years that I have walked into the Sound Room to see their products. Because they service the high-end consumer and carry high-end products, I would leave the store thinking really cool stuff, but really expensive stuff. This was a bit short-sighted on my part.

Recently, we were finishing our basement. As part of the project, we wanted to install a good quality, reasonably priced sound and video system. Our vision was a little more complicated than just a television with surround sound, but not much more. Since we were designing from scratch, the options were endless. After many conversations at many different retailers, we were not making much progress. This is when we returned to the Sound Room.

The difference in our experience was evident from the initial contact. The progress made in the first 30 minutes with the Sound Room sales associate surpassed the progress made in hours with several other retailers. The knowledge of the sales associate seemed second to none. It was as simple as explaining here is what I would like to do and the sales associate explaining here are several options. Of course, there were several options that were in excess of our budget, but to my surprise, the Sound Room also provided several reasonably-priced alternatives and were very helpful at designing cost-effective solutions to the here is what I want to do request.

Although I once thought of the Sound Room as expensive, I quickly found how competitive their pricing was. After selecting a package and price-comparing, I found them to be very competitive on every item. The intangible though, is that for the same competitively priced item, you get terrific service. Our experience only got better after the initial sale.

We used the Sound Room for installation, although we did several of the steps ourselves as the basement was being completed. It seemed as if the Sound Rooms only interest was in a perfectly-installed and operating final product. They were involved in what would be done and how it would be done, and went above and beyond expectations. When it was time for them to install the actual products, they were timely, perfectionists, and left the worksite very clean.

During the walk through of how the products worked, an issue was discovered. There was no discussion of why the issue occurred, and the focus of the Sound Room was back to the mindset of a perfectly-installed and operating final product. The field representatives engaged the knowledge of their technical teams and quickly designed a fix. In just a short time, we were enjoying this fabulous system that was exactly what we had envisioned.

I would strongly recommend the Sound Room to anyone. I would encourage people to really examine what they have to offer. If you have a similar experience, you will find they offer products to a wide-range of consumer. Further, not only are you getting a competitively priced products, you are getting strong technical consultation and phenomenal customer service.