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Stafford VA Bankruptcy Lawyer. All we do is bankruptcy law. You'll like our friendly service with a smile. Top rated Bankruptcy Lawyer in Northern Virginia.
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Stafford Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed
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Stafford Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed

Robert weed is an excellent bankruptcy lawyer

IV League Professor or a lawyer? Bob Weed is like a great professor who practices what he teaches. They say that successful realtors live and breathe real estate every day and Mr. weed is no different. He lives and breathes bankruptcy law. This is the first time that I have gone though the bankruptcy process and I really hope it would be the last one. Mr Weed has established a solid, stellar reputation as an exceptional lawyer. From my search when I was trying to find a lawyer, I came to know that he was well regarded by his clients and peers in the same same industry. He could be representing someone's dad or a son, or even a grandmother. If you have a family or friends in DMV area, who have been through bankruptcy process, the chances are that they have heard about Bob Weed or been helped by him.

I had consultations with few of the very well known lawyers in the DC metro area. Since my case was a bit more complicated as I had to go through means test, not every lawyer would be up for that challenge. Another well known lawyer refused my case after initial our consultation because of the household income being higher than what would normally qualify you for bankruptcy. One thing that stood out about Mr Weed was his attention to minor details and I felt like if I was in front of a competent doctor trying to diagnose some mysterious illness.

I had to go through a questionnaires and then, what Mr. Weed referred to as 'home work', after our initial consultation before he decided to take my case. I felt like I was back in school. I strongly feel that no matter what the circumstances, Mr. Weed will find a way to help you or advise you about the right time to move ahead with the bankruptcy process.

In my case, the homework was for me to get all the facts and figures together about our household finances, including, expenses. Those would be the things that many people, especially, the ones considering bankruptcy, don't pay attention to or are totally unaware of. What an eye opener that was.

Mr. weed is an excellent teacher that has a website full of resources with all the relevant information about the bankruptcy process and hundreds of valuable blog posts. I found our video consultations much easier option than having to go to a lawyer's office. He shared his wisdom, asked important questions and then after he took my case did his magic to make the whole process painless. One of the things that I found fascinating was the fact the he knows exactly what a creditor(each bank) is thinking, what to expect from each trustee, what to do or not do before and after your 341 meeting. He keeps himself updated on the new bankruptcy laws/rules and how it affects his clients.

My 341 meeting went like a pleasant breeze. I am in my 60 day waiting period before I receive a formal discharge. Mr Weed has decades of experience in the bankruptcy industry and amazingly, has the energy of very young, ambitious lawyer. I hope I don't need Mr. weed services in the future but if I do or someone else that I know does, I would not even think about another attorney and will recommend him with full confidence without any hesitation.