Preventive Pest Control

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Preventive Pest Control will proactively conquer any existing pest activity and then continue to prevent future problems through regular protective services.


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Las Vegfas, NV

Preventive Pest Control

Took advantage of the the elderly

My mother that was at home while I was on some Daily activity's at the time. This company took complete advantage of my mom. She is incompetent not completely but is getting close. One of the sales person that came to the door manipulated her and had her initial all of the terms of their contract ,knowing that he was taking advantage of her, finished out the deal of 67 dollars every 2 months for 1 year. contract. I know she would have never agreed to these kind of terms in her real mind. She was tricked about this service and my sister has the power of attorney. I just want to let you know Preventive Pest Control, Your shady sales tactics are going to catch up to you .You should have never messed with my mom. You opened up a gigantic issue with me.And will pay for it.Your service is void to me.The next time you send out sales people in the field make sure they are good people and not void of a soul