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Disappointing experience!!

This was a disappointing experience from the moment they stepped onto my property. 3 hours late and complained about everything!! The had a job before me, I had big stuff and I was moving into a 2 story house. Took them 8 hours and heard the complaining the entire time. They were careless with my stuff. Ended up with a cracked 55” TV that they claim was not due to move and contract. Bottom line was the whole experience was awful and they refunded 1 hour of poor satisfaction. I should have chosen better and moved my own TV but when you hire “professionals” you put a level of trust that things will be done with care. DO NOT RECOMMEND!! Poor customer service!


Update response: 06/19/18- after doing research on this customer we finally came up with what occurred during this move we listen to phone calls and also look through the claim process of this customer’s claim. We booked this customer for a move for March 13 of 2018. She called and booked her move and we only had an opening in the afternoon. So we booked her for an afternoon move we recommended three movers and a truck but she had declined and said she only wanted to schedule for the two movers. We did make her aware that the move would take longer if she does choose to only go with the two movers. The day of the move we did end up sending over a third mover because when the two movers arrived at the customers home they called stating that the customers house had a lot more content then had been disclosed to us when we had booked the customer. This does occur on occasion so we called the customer and stated that we needed to send a third mover out there upon her approval because of the move changing due to there being a lot more items than anticipated. The customer did agree to this third mover and we gave her a great deal and only added an additional $10 per hour for that third mover. We did explain to her on the phone about the move process and how we pad and shrink everything and also on our bill of laden it explains how our claim process works. Shortly after performing this move the customer had called to state that When the cable guy had come to hook up her TV that when it was turned on there was a green line on the screen. When we trans ported the TV we pad and shrink the TV very well and we move thousands of TVs a year. When we arrive at the destination we un wrap and take the shrink wrap off all items and at that time there was absolutely no physical outside damage to the outside of the television at all. Once we leave a customers home after performing a move we are no longer responsible for any damage that occurs after we leave. If any damage did occur on anything it would’ve been notated before we left the location of the customers destination address. Again when we left this customers home there was absolutely no physical damage on the outside of the TV. So when processing the claim for the TV we went ahead and honored her claim for the depreciated value of the TV. We sent her a claim check in the amount of $125 and she did cash that check. Her move also included a heavy safe and antique grandfather clock and we made sure to take very good care of those items and we did not charge any additional fees at all for those items. We have been in business here in the valley for going on 43 years we held an A+ rating entire time, not because were perfect but because we do try to be fair when it comes to our customers and their claims or complaints. We did let the customer know that she is welcome to go on the Federal motor carrier website which does go over the guidelines for claims on electronic items including TVs. We cannot process a claim on a television that has absolutely no outside damage not a scratch showing on the outside surface. We could’ve denied her claim completely based off the guidelines but we did not we went above and beyond and sent her a check. We know that the customer was not satisfied with us but we felt like we did what we could we hope for the best and we are sorry that she was not satisfied with the results.
Unfortunately in this customers review she did not state the fact that the TV had no outside damage and she also did not convey that we did send her a settlement check. Thank you i

Arizona Discount Movers commented on 07/12/2018