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bad experience

Well it started out great. The people were super nice. the phone service great. They were on time and fast. Only problem the truck was not big enough so i did alot of the small stuff my self. URG! They damaged a wall in my office. then they broke a mirror in my bedroom. I had
inquire two times to get an answer. so they gentlemen tells me how sick they were and they were behind. I dont care i want the damage fixed. so then he says he will send a drywall guy out unless i want to fix it my self? Uh No you damaged it you fix it. Then he tells me they dont cover glass or mirrors even tho they damaged it due to their carelessness. so he says I will give you $50 for the repair of the glass. I dont think this is very good customer service at all. I will not be using these people again and will not recommend them either.


We appreciate all our customers, and we always try to resolve all claims as quickly as possible. This claim did take longer for us to process. We apologized to the customer for those delays. He was told why the delays had occurred. I was just a little bit confused when I read this review. The review is not truthful in the claim decision that we had came too. I have proof through our phone system that records all our customer service calls that shows we are processing this claim fully. So when I had read this review I was baffled because we had just talked to the customer just before he wrote this review. He states that we our not taking care of the claims. Which is the complete opposite of what we had settled with him. We verbally agreed over the phone just before this review was written that we would pay $100 have a glass company come out and repair the customers broken headboard to his bed. A mirrored piece had gotten broken during the move. Also a hole in the wall had happened during the move. We are contracted with vendors who repair walls and floors. We have a call into our vendor to contact this customer to get the wall repaired as well. Once I read this review I put a call into the customer, because I was so baffled on why he would state in this review the opposite of what he was told.Also we explain to all our customer that if a second trip is needed that they will be on the clock, but there is no added fees for a second trip. If the customer had wanted to pay for additional time for us to do a second trip we would have been more that happy too. He declined therefore the statement he made was that he had to move all the smaller items himself. A choice he made, and did not want to pay the additional time needed for us to go back. Yes, We took longer to get this claim processed, there were unintentionally circumstances that caused this delay. We were honest with our customer and explained to him what those circumstances were. The customer also stated that the mover were great, they did a great job, he was just "pissed off" his exact words, because of the time frame it took us to process his claim. We are sorry, and apologized to our customer for that delay. We hope him the best in the future. We our an A+ rated moving company that has been in business longer than most in the valley going on 42 years. We pride ourselves in maintaining an A+rating the entire time. We are far from perfect, but we do our best to be honest and fair with our customer. Again we our apologetic to our customer, and hope he does see some effort in us taking care of the claim accordingly. I hope he will eventually be honest and add to his review that we our taking care of his claim, which is the opposite of what he stated originally.

Arizona Discount Movers commented on 02/19/2018