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carpet & upholstery cleaning, window cleaning
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Auburn, WA

Danny Thomas ProClean

Good as far as they went

Two years, now, Danny Thomas Co. has come out to clean gutters, seal gutter seams, level sagging gutter sections, etc. I thought the price quoted was based on doing all that work. But both times I was told that it's "too wet", or "too cold", to seal the seams - they'll have to come back. This time they said they added that they couldn't fix the sagging sections of the gutter.
They did a nice job of cleaning the gutters, blew debris off the roof, and hauled away several bags of compost. But I still have drips to a steady stream of water coming down at several places, including my front steps, on rainy days. And they already have my money. Since any time I call them seems to be a bad time to seal the gutters, I'll let them make the call as to if and when that will be done. Not holding my breath.