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Diane S.

Framingham, MA

Paul Flaherty Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.

3 jobs - Toilet Water Heater Furnace

I have three experiences with Flaherty plumbing which span from 2014 to now (2017):

Upstairs toilet moved and put back to accommodate bathroom tile relglaze (2014). Josh was the plumber’s name and he was excellent. Of particular note, was that when Josh tried to hook the toilet back up, he discovered it had been leaking due to poor work from the previous plumber. Josh then took time to investigate why my toilet was leaking, explained to me why it was leaking (previous plumber from another company’s job) and then proceeded to remedy the problem by using an “old technique” of putting a cast iron piece around the flange area using horse hair and an "old fashioned substance" still available at the home store. He did all this when he really only would have had to hook the toilet back up. Josh was really professional and very knowledgable (for being so early in his career). And, it was obvious to me that training and competence is a priority at Flaherty; very impressive to me that this young man knew about a technique that was probably used when my home was built in 1904.

Water heater replaced Nov 2016 – On Thanksgiving day my water heater began to leak all over the basement floor. I called Flaherty and the person on the phone guided me through how to shut off the water and the fuse box so I could avoid having them come for an emergency call (and price). There was no charge for that advice. Then, an appointment was arranged days later (I didn't want an emergency charge - my choice). Brian arrived on time, was courteous and genuinely interested in researching the problem and replacing the water heater for me. This work was not as complicated as the toilet story above, but I greatly appreciated him arriving on time and being so friendly and explaining everything he found and did. I found him to be efficient too and professional. Also, Brian informed me that Flaherty only installs Ruud/Rheem electric water heaters and that the one the previous plumber installed was of a lower quality (Bradford White).

Furnace (current) – I contacted Flaherty plumbing to check out my loud furnace such that I had to turn up the volume on the TV. I admit, I called Flaherty because the "warranty service" I use and pay a lot of money for (Pivotal Home Solutions) sent a technician from different plumbing company who was not able to diagnose the problem after 30 minutes of "investigation". I decided to go with Flaherty even though it would likely not be covered by the warranty, but my experience told me to have Flaherty take care of it. Jodie from Flaherty plumbing was the person who responded to my call. He also arrived on time, greeted me with a smile and has worked to ensure he’s doing his best to solve the problem. When Jodie arrived, he went right to work, and diagnosed that my furnace was running Loud and "struggling" by my definition because it was getting too much gas (200 psi) and he proceeded to adjust the settings until the gas coming in was less than 0.027 psi. I know this because he went over it with me and explained what he was going to do and what he was doing. When Jodie was finished, the furnace was running quietly and smoothly and I was amazed and impressed. He spent extra time sending the furnace through a bunch of tests to get to know it, as it was installed by another company in 2009. Jodie also took time to explain that I will likely need a new blower at some point and showed me why, and he did not take advantage and tell me I'd need a new blower and push that on me as a surprise.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge all the people who answer phones at Flaherty. Everytime I call (including Thanksgiving morning when my water heater quit) I have been greeted by a very calm, patient and professional voices. It means a lot when there are nagging problems with these machines which we all must rely on to keep us warm, comfortable and clean.

Go to Flaherty to be taken care of by people who value integrity and high quality customer service.