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Robert S.

Pleasant Hill , CA

North Bay Truck Center

Turbo Boost Check Engine on My Class A Motorhome

Time to write a quick review: I have been dealing with intermittent loss of power and check engine light on my CAT C7. NBTC has worked on this multiple times in trying to catch the failure. Without going into hard failure, I understand how difficult it can be to properly diagnose the issue. One thing I like about a good service center is not just "throwing parts" at it but communicating with the owner (me) to best troubleshoot the problem on a person-to-person basis. Pretty happy with the results and the service relationship created with NBTC.

I have developed a comfortable level of trust with them and wanted to share. I know I am just an old retired guy but they do make a person feel important and always a pleasure to speak with. Jim Buell the GM really does a great job in running the service center. He knew I was up against the clock with my RV's next trip. He also knew and has commented before how well my RV looks and knows "I care", so he not only got the RV done on time he had that thing cleaned!!! Wow, that in itself really saved me a lot of work in getting ready for the next trip, simply outstanding! That is customer service you just don’t see much anymore! Best of all the RV ran great with no issues! GREAT JOB NBTC!