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Pleasant Hill , CA

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Service 2005 Fleetwood Expedition

I took my Class A RV in for a service and repair leaking fuel line. Invoice 01S35167 dated 5/28/2021.
I have a Caterpiller C7 shallow pan engine which holds 4.75 or 19 quarts. North Bay put in 20 quarts of oil. This engine has the positive crankcase ventilation tube and just as Cat informed me that in an overfill situation this will cause the excess oil to exit the engine through the tube. This is a diesel pusher which can allow oil to drip and eventually foul the radiator with oily dirt.
My expectations for a service center is to verify the mfg specs on the work to be done and ensure those are met. If there is an anomaly then note it and bring it to the customers attention.

As I brought this to the attention of the service manager I actually found myself in a defensive situation where the mechanic was extremely rude and wanted to argue with me. He rudely told me I was wrong, Cat was wrong and they lied to me.
The service manager and mechanic then went to the RV and checked the dip stick and showing me the levels. I had to point out the RV was sitting at a tilt! Once level, they checked it again and it showed neither high or on the full mark. I informed them the dip stick needs to be calibrated to be exact. I asked if their oil dispensing unit is calibrated to ensure it delivers exactly what is expected. They averted the question until I was very specific and they said no. All this took over 30 minutes. As I was leaving the service manage then approached me and stated they checked the oil dispensing unit and found it was not delivering a full quart, so now I don't know exactly how much oil I have in my crankcase. They redid my bill and reduced the amount to reflect 19 qts of oil and kept the labor charges the same reflecting $335.25.

I am retired and was the senior department head of our engineering group. I've dealt with many situations like this and know its best to stick to the facts and be truthful - if you screwed up, you screwed up. Rectify it, learn from it, share it with the others in the organization and don't have it happen again.

The facts:
1. I was told when I dropped of the RV I would be sent an email with the details of the work and costs. Never received anything except this email.
2. The Cat C7 shallow pan holds a max of 19 qts. North Bay put in 20 qt.
3. North Bay did not offer to correct the amount of oil put into the engine.
4. Service manager failed to remove a emotional employee from the situation and allowed his to rudely interact with the customer.