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$6000.00 to replace a radiator and a fan

We took our peterbuilt truck to them they said that they would be able to start on it on a Tuesday around noon we new that we had a bad radiator before we took it there the fan had rubbed it, They confirmed that they could have it out the door late Tuesday or early Wednesday. They never one time hit even close a time that we were told. Then every single hose clamp was loose and over the next few days we went through another 10 Gallons of Antifreeze and hours of fixing there work. Any peterbuilt shop will do this for about $4000.00 North Bay charged us $6000.00 for this work.


If you read the story you will see right at the beginning it states we told them we can start on it Tuesday around noon and have them out the door by late Tuesday or early Wednesday. The customer did not arrive at our shop until 2:30pm on 3/31/2020. We close at 5:30 there's no way we would've told them that. This job(radiator replacement only) takes at least 12-14 hours to do thoroughly and carefully. Also, this was not only a radiator and fan replacement. The customer failed to mention that another shop had just replaced these parts and left hardware loose which caused the fan to come loose and damage the radiator. There was also an oil leak from the front engine cover seal. So not only did we replace the radiator and fan, -we extracted broken radiator support brace bolts and replaced missing bolts from previous shop repair.-Replaced the engine front camshaft cover seal. - steam cleaned oil soaked engine compartment that was caused by oil leak. -replaced both oil soaked serpentine belts. I ( Gabriel Fernandes-Service Manager) was standing right next to my Service Advisor when she told the driver the radiator was not available anywhere local it had to be shipped in from Las Vegas and we would have it Friday morning at the earliest. The driver acknowledged her when she told him. Our vendor ended up receiving the radiator early Thursday afternoon. We sent a parts delivery courier "Hot Shot" parts pick up to get it here asap and try to get customer out on the road asap. We ended up completing the repairs and customer was back on the road Thursday end of day. Darin called me about a week or 2 later stating that everyday since the truck had left he has been having to tighten loose hose clamps and add coolant. I asked him to send me pictures. The pictures he sent me were pictures of where the lower radiator hose connects to the engine block. This was not a hose end we touched when we replaced the radiator but I will give it to him on that we should have inspected all the hoses and clamps. Especially after knowing the previous shop had left hardware loose. I told Darin I would talk to the General Manager to see what we could do to make it right. I called Darin back and left him a message. Until this day I have not got a response. I was going to offer to reimburse him for the cost of coolant he has had to add since he left here. So to sum this all up I feel like we delivered our promise that we made and we performed more repairs than what were originally requested so that was why the cost was more than any Peterbilt dealer customer called. I also doubt that any Peterbilt dealer would have got him in and out in 2 days that has to be worth something as well.

Gabriel Fernandes Service Manager

North Bay Truck Center commented on 05/20/2020