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Fairfield, CA

North Bay Truck Center

No longer doing business with them!

I am no longer doing business with North Bay Truck Center. I cannot tell you the countless times that I have used them over the years, giving them nearly ten thousand dollars worth of services to work on within a quarter. The last few times that I sent over trucks from my company they did repairs that were not authorized. After all these years of doing business with them I expect to be treated as a valued customer. There is very poor communication. It is very complex to say all that has happened, but basically, I sent a truck over to them to replace five broken lugnuts. I gave them the parts and they charged me over four thousand dollars! I called and asked why and they said they had replaced all twenty lugnuts instead of just the five. On top of that, they did not put the lugnuts on correctly, as they were all stripped and spun on wrong. I asked to see the parts and I was told that they had thrown them away. So I have no recourse. Another truck I sent over to have the brakes repaired. I drove it less than four miles away to have a DOT inspection done and the brakes did not pass. I had to have them come to my yard and make brake adjustments. Another truck I asked to have the roll-up door repaired. They told me the box was cracked and they went ahead and welded it without even asking. This has happened the last four or five times that I sent them business. I spoke to the Sales Manager Jim, who is a very nice man. However, I think he does not possess the power to rectify the situation. I have asked numerous times to speak to the owner to try and resolve this, which still has not happened. They are always saying they are too busy. I use to send them business every week. I discovered that my address was wrong in their system and despite my asking for them to correct it numerous times, they never have. That should tell you something right there! If they value my business then the owner should contact me or send me an email. I had the C.H.P. come by and they ever told me that North Bay Truck Center is known for doing shoddy business. After eight months of my no longer sending them business, they still have not tried to make amends. I gave them many chances and they failed!