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Eagle Transmissions of Dallas has many years of experience that has made it the most esteemed transmission company in the district. Mesquite, Dallas TX.


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Mesquite, TX

Eagle Transmission

Transmission and clutch rebuild nightmare.

I had heard they were good, and a good price. A good price they are, but good at what they do they are not. They leave your parts all over the shop. loose your parts, leave parts off of you car, and forget to put them back on the car. I had to return to the shop over 6 times for the to adjust the clutch system after replacing it with a known new one. The gears wouldn't even engage at first, then after several try's at adjusting it, and after 5 hours of trying the next day, they finally got it but failed to tell me my bell housing was cracked. So once it was all working correctly, I had to bring it back again, buy a new bell housing, then schedule another time to remove and replace the transmission again...then ...again it took 5 hours to get the simple BBK clutch cable adjusted right. why I don't know....its very easy to do that. the tranny rebuild guy is a very good mechanic....but the other ones don't seem to know how to adjust a manual transmission and clutch system at all. I am still trying to get them to put my exhaust mounts back in that they took out and lost. so far almost a month of going back......6 different times. you decide. the management is very nice and professional....the mechanics are novice it seems, and the shop is the messiest I have ever seen. and they just throw your parts all over the place in no organized way. then loose the stuff. I stuck with them now due to warranty. hope I never have to go back once all my lost parts are found and reinstalled back on the car.