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Eagle Transmissions of Dallas has many years of experience that has made it the most esteemed transmission company in the district. Mesquite, Dallas TX.


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Excellent experience--Highly recommend

While driving home on the freeway on a Friday afternoon, our 2001 Honda Odyssey mini-van had a transmission problem. When you'd accelerate, the transmission wouldn't engage—you could hear the engine rev, see the RPMs increase, but the van wouldn't move forward.

We had it towed home by AAA (and just FYI on the AAA tow—we had three people in the van, but the tow vehicle could only seat two. Having no other way to get home, one of our passengers had to walk. I certainly don't recall reading that when I paid $160.00 for my membership to AAA, that you are limited to one or two passengers, depending on the size of the tow truck sent. So be aware of that!)

Once home, I found out by internet research that our particular van make and model had been plagued by transmission problems resulting in Honda paying a percentage of the inevitable repair. Unfortunately, ours was out of warranty. The Honda dealership where we purchased the van quoted me $5000 - $6000. After picking myself up off the floor, I began my search for a local reputable transmission repair shop.

After much research, I found Eagle Transmission in Mesquite, on Galloway. I called and spoke with David who was happy to really listen and discuss the transmission problem. He had a tow truck driver come that night (and it was late—wonderful service!) to get the van to the shop so he could look at it immediately on Saturday morning.

Eagle has a free diagnostic check. The check determined the problem was inside the transmission, and it would cost $495.00 to open it up to check it further. (The $495.00 would be applied to the repair). Once the full check was done, we got the news it would cost about $3300.00. There was another quote that was about $300 less, but we opted for this quote, as it came with a 3 year, unlimited mileage warranty, and the Torque Converter was better. I told him I had come to him via Angie's List, and he was happy to give me a 10% discount. Eagle would also pay $30.00 per day for my rental car, up to 5 days.

Eagle also has several financing methods. While we didn't take advantage of any of them, we did apply for one. The process was pretty painless, and they agreed to finance about half of the repair cost, so you do have options if you can't afford to pay it all yourself at once.

The rebuild was started on Monday afternoon and David said more than likely it would be ready by Friday evening. When the rebuild was done, David was concerned that there might be a leak, so he wanted to keep it and put more miles on the van on Saturday morning to check. When that check didn't fully satisfy him, he needed to keep it until Monday, just to be certain everything was done correctly. He even gave me an additional $60.00 credit for two more days of car rental!

We picked up the van on Monday morning, and so far, everything is great. I must compliment David, who was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He put up with my daily (sometimes 3 or 4 times a day) calls with questions. He walked me through every step of the process and helped me to understand what was being done and what we were paying for.

The total out-the-door price for the rebuild, with all of our discounts, was $2789.00. While you may think that's high, that's MUCH lower than what the dealership quoted. And after searching the internet for what other Odyssey owners have paid, I don't feel that I was taken advantage of. We do have to return in 10 – 15 days for a follow-up check on the repair, or the warranty will be voided. I totally understand the need for the check; David likened it to a follow-up Doctor's visit after major surgery.

I will update this review as needed, after the check-up and we drive our van a bit.

So, after this long-winded review, I want to say that I fully recommend David and Eagle Transmission in Mesquite! Thanks, David and Team Eagle Transmission of Mesquite!