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Spinal Interventions is a pain managemement clinic located in Provo, Utah. Services offered include pain management, behavioral health, and detoxification services.



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Spinal Interventions

My experience was awful and I would never recommend even to my worst enemy.

DO NOT GO HERE! Some of the reviews I read were wonderful and I took a chance that I now wholly regret. Even if you are sent to Spinal Interventions by your doctor, I would recommend that you insist on finding another solution. I had 2 herniated discs that pretty much had me bed ridden. After the first visit, merely an examination, they led me to believe that I could be mended. I was so hopeful that I did not mind waiting for an entire hour after my scheduled appointment to see the doctor and paying $235 out of pocket for the 10 min concultation. The next visit was to test to see if I was a candidate for the radio frequency ablation. It turns out that I was and I was pretty thrilled about it. I mean, if you have ever had super debilitating lower back pain, then you get that you would be willing to do/pay nearly anything to get it fixed...and that was the point that I was at. The 10 min test they did to see if I was a candidate cost roughly $1300 out of pocket. The test consisted of sticking some needles into your back with a numbing solution and waiting a few minutes to see if your pain had subsided. Pretty simple and easy. Keep in mind that at the start of this whole thing, I was quoted that the entire cost to fix my back including all appointments would be $1500-$1700...but like I said, I was desperate to get fixed and did not care about the grossly inflated costs at that point. Now for the real kicker...I get the procedure done and within one day my back is SORE SORE SORE. I mean, I wasn't even able to work the entire next 2 weeks. I knew it would be a little sore because I had read that it would be for a week or two after but that it would subside and you become pretty much 100% again. Fast forward 6 weeks post procedure and my back pain was WAY WORSE than BEFORE the procedure. The saddest/biggest shocker though was when I got another bill in the mail for $1900! My total out of pocket expenses were $3500!!! More than double the amount they had told me before the procedure. I couldn't believe it.
I had seriously hoped it would work, but it 100% did not. I also talked to several people after the fact and they had similar experiences as well with Spinal Interventions in Provo. They too experienced the bait-n-switch tactics and were charged much more than quoted. In all fairness though, one of them did see some minor relief, but they were just dealing with a bulging disc and an annular tear, so it may have just been time and rest that attributed to their relief. I don't know, but what I do know is that it was in no way near the level of relief that they try to sell you on. This place is corrupt and most of the people are as phony as it gets. Ironically, the doctors and staff were all pretty nice PRIOR to getting your treatment, but after you get billed more than double what they told you and you realize that the procedure doesn't even work...then they aren't so nice anymore.
Stay away and save your money. I certainly wished I had. The funny thing is that after dealing with all of that, I found out about a book called Treat Your Own Back by Robin Mckenzie. I am pretty skeptical and it honestly seemed too simple to work, but after 4 weeks of doing what he says and supplementing with Boswelian Root, Tumeric, and Arginine...I have felt better than I have in years. I am not all the way healed by any means, but I can at least stand up from bed in the morning without having to brace myself with my hands and have been able to do some light jogging. Anyhow, I hope this helps whoever is reading it. I know first hand that back pain is no joke and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but I also would not in a million years recommend Spinal Interventions. Stay far away unless you like paying a lot of money only to be injured worse.