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It is the goal of Willis Orchard Company to make you a satisfied customer--we can accomplish this only by providing quality trees and plants at affordable prices.


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Willis Orchard Co

80% of my trees didn’t make it through the first year.

April 3, 2 weeks after snow has melted I checked my trees and found 80% of trees didn’t make it. When I called them they said since I bought the trees in January and they were delivered end of February I was over the one year mark. They would do nothing for me. I spent $615.56 and only 3 trees are alive out of 15! It has only been 1 season and our trees are barely budding here! Not sure how I was supposed to be confident in my assessment of trees livleyhood when there is a foot of snow on the ground. How can they not replace the dead ones?!

I will never buy from them again! I recommend you run away from this company. Some of my trees came without limbs also. Not sure if that’s normal for them, but it isn’t for trees I bought in the past. Please do not use this company. I’m out money that I saved to buy these trees and can’t buy more cars until I save up enough. Maybe next year.


She doesn't mention that she received the trees Feb. 12, 2018. It's now April 2019. She had all of last Spring, all of last Summer, all of last Fall and this Winter to report an issue with any of the trees. Yet she did not.
We do offer partial in-store credit in a rare case such as this but that does not always work. Regretfully, WOC

Willis Orchard Co commented on 04/03/2019