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It is the goal of Willis Orchard Company to make you a satisfied customer--we can accomplish this only by providing quality trees and plants at affordable prices.


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Repton, AL

Willis Orchard Co

Great service, great prices

I ordered several Pomegranate trees and a Beaked Hazelnut tree before Christmas. I gave my dad and brother-in-law a pomegranate each in a large Christmas sack. When my dad opened his sack he said, "What all I get is a bunch of sticks for Christmas? I haven't been that bad, have I?" we all got a laugh out of it and when I told them what they had was a pomegranate tree they were excited - we have a "friendly" competition going on to see who can grow the best, well, everything - and we all (I kept one for myself) planted our trees within days of each.

Imagine my dismay when I walked to my mom and dad's house and saw that his tree was growing and making leaves while mine stayed as a stick in the dirt. NOW my pomegranate is over waist high! And is putting on beautiful brownish leaves that turn to green. The tree has grown over 3" in the last 4 days alone! Dad's is not quite as large, but it's growing fast also.

My pomegranate has also sprouted 3 "babies" from the root ball that are already over a foot high and I plan to transplant these in the fall - it's like I got 4 trees for the price of one!

Unfortunately, my hazelnut tree didn't fare as well. Umm actually it's dead. I called Willis' customer service today and told them it was dead and they asked me a few questions about the planting and if it still was green anywhere on the stem. When I told the guy that had no green at all he immediately put in for me a new tree to be shipped during planting season in the fall.

I will definitely be ordering many more items from Willis Orchard in the future. We are landscaping my new home and need a lot of trees so this fall will be busy when I order more fruit trees and flowering trees.

Great customer service and great prices. Can't get much better than that!