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Willis Orchard Co

Be careful....they bundled their plants together even if one is toxic to the other.

I read all the reviews and noted all the really bad ones. However, I also ready the good ones and decided to take a chance. I ordered a large fig tree and 4 small mulberry trees and had them shipped to my daughter's home. The fig tree was a gift for her newly-widowed neighbor, and the mulberry trees were for both of us. When it arrived, it just looked like one large fig tree with the roots bundled. My daughter gave the tree to the neighbor, and she planted it. We both assumed the mulberry trees would be sent separately. This all happened about the middle of December. With the holidays, etc., I did not contact Willis until January 9. I was told that the mulberry trees were packed in the root ball of the fig tree, and they looked like little sticks. My daughter did not inspect the root ball....it looked like a root ball. When I mentioned that the neighbor probably planted it all together, the rep from Willis said that the mulberry trees have a toxin that will kill the fig tree......duh. When I asked why they would pack them together, I did not get an answer. Also, I was told that they get a lot of phone calls about the same thing, so they must not pack their plants individually. Their solution was to send me 4 new mulberry trees at the cost of about $15 shipping. No way.................."fool me one....."


A mulberry and fig tree packaged together will not kill one another. A fig and a mulberry are not known to be toxic to one another. No one at company told them this or that their are many calls of similar concerns. This is a ridiculous review stimulated by the fact that they planted the trees in the same hole because they didn't read the tags and separate the trees from the bundled package.

Willis Orchard Co commented on 03/05/2013