Business Description:
Wojo's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing is a family owned and operated company started in 1967.
heating & air conditioning
Wojo's Heating & Air Conditioning
5523 Woodville Rd, Northwood, OH 43619, USA
(419) 693-3220


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Toledo, OH

Wojo's Heating & Air Conditioning

Never Call Wojo’s

If you want the worst service ever, then maybe Wojo’s is for you. The lack of professionalism and rudeness is uncanny. They rescheduled my appointment two times only to cancel and leave us high and dry without a water heater and furnace for weeks. Call somewhere else and don’t waste your time. Don’t talk to Tommy as he will tell you what you want to hear, never show up (had I not reached out he was not going to tell me they were cancelling) and then block your number. Find a different company! Seriously!