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Main Stream Electric is your trusted electrician in the San Jose Bay Area & Greater Sacramento. We bring a trusted reputation and up-front pricing.



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Sunnyvale Cupertino, CA

Main Stream Electric

2 very large emergency electrical projects

I had the opportunity to use Main Stream electric for the first time this past June 2011 after one of my rental homes had a fire which burned down the car-port and laundry room. My wife and I were away celebrating our anniversary when I received the call from the renter and fire chief who informed me I needed to get an electrician out to isolate the breakers before he would allow the tenants back into the house. I randomly chose Main stream from the internet and based on the excellent reviews I read concerning their service. Shane the owner/manager immediately responded by sending Dave G. out to assess the problem. Dave came out and isolated the circuit so my renters could move back in but the fire caused other problems that required extensive work and time which was my biggest concern. By early the next morning Dave had pulled the city permits and began working long days including a Saturday and Sunday while constantly maintaining contact with the city to schedule an inspection once he completed the work. He also was talking to PG&E about what their involvement needed to be. Both the city and PG&E wanted to drag their feet but Dave G. was relentless and went up the supervisor management chain to maintain a commitment that he made to me to get my tenants back in with full power. In all my years of dealing with contractors on all my houses I have never experienced someone go this far above and beyond the call of duty. He did all the leg work and in 3 days all service was restored, inspections completed and my stress levels gone. Then most recently I had an also exact problem with another house in a different town. This was a panel fire with much more extensive damage. This was 4 days before Thanksgiving and my tenants had guests coming in from a different country for the holidays.
This was a stressful disaster in the making. When I was first informed about the emergency I phoned Shane at the office on a Sunday morning and requested Dave come out to size up the damage. Shane offered to send Dave on that day but for me Monday was going to work too. Dave was on-site by 7:00am the next morning and immediately took charge. He gave me the very bad news concerning the transformer,panel,wiring and an assortment of problems. Very stressful but this time I knew what to expect from Dave and felt better. Dave worked from very early morning to dark every day but because PG&E has a 2 week wait for outside transformer and wire panel connection work it appeared my renters would be staying in a hotel with relatives for the holidays. Dave again when up the manager chain at not only PG&E but also the city for permits and scheduled inspections. He got all to commit to overtime and have power back by Wednesday before midnight. The power was back by 1:00pm the day before Thanksgiving all because of Dave and Mainstream Electric take charge attitude. Words cannot describe how dedicated these people are and how hard they work or how grateful I am. The words UNBELIEVABLE, Customer service, hard work ,taking ownership,integrity, dedication,pride describe how Main Stream Electric models their business.With all of this service their prices are still very fair.Dave,Shane and the entire group at Main Stream Electric are old school and a throw back to when giving your best and pleasing the customer was important. They have a customer for life which I hope will be a very long time.
Thank you again Main Stream Electric for making my life a lot easier.Thank you Dave G. for your hard work and professionalism.