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Palo Alto, CA

Main Stream Electric

Very bad experience

This was just a horrible experience. The guy who came out for an estimate was perfectly nice before he had my business, after that he didn't seem interested in talking to me at all. The 2 guys that came for the job didn't seem to even know what the job was, they had to go shopping for 2 hours after arriving, and even then they ran out of cable, so they had to go shopping again, and then bridge it to a second cable(I was having an extra ethernet port installed).

Also, they completely messed up the outside of the house where the cable came in, and said they were only responsible for the cable and nothing cosmetic to the house, so I had to have my painter spackle and repaint it. The wall plate was also not properly lined up to the pre-existing electrical outlet- again, I guess it's not their responsibility.

The communication was extremely unprofessional. The guy coaxed me into paying cash by lowering the price by 20 dollars before the job was even finished. I feel so stupid now for having agreed. He was here until 11pm the first night and just left without saying anything, with excess cables and wood debris all over the living room floor. I had to call the next day to get them to come back out, because for all I knew maybe he considered the job done since the cable was in the house now.

Not to mention I also had them work on switching some electrical outlets in my room, again they wanted cash, and now half of the outlets do not work and I'll have to have my contractor fix it when he gets back into town.

I could go on and on, but safe to say I do not recommend this company. I feel bad for the guy who actually did the job because he was at least working hard, even if it was poor work and poor communication. I place most of the blame on the guy who came out for the estimate and apparently didn't communicate to the worker the extent of the job. He just wanted my money. I guess anything after that was less important.

Oh, I almost forgot. I noticed my power drill was missing after they left. I called and left a message asking about it, not accusing them of anything. They never called back.