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San Jose, CA

Main Stream Electric

An appointment was supposed to take place during te first two weeks in June/ Shane Halstead re: a botched job done by a tech. named Rick & he totally flaked on me after he'd agreed to give me a discount on an additional camera installation

I had paid in advance a whopping $400 for mainstream to install my $300 camera system that I purchased at Fry's Electronics. The job was left in a messy manner & cameras were mounted before I had a chance to approve their exact placement on April 9th, '15. The owner was contacted, he made a few adjustments & cleaned up the mess that was left( such as messy wires hanging down, a camera that had not been mounted securely & coming out of the wall, & an orange extension cord that was running across the carpet!). I thanked Mr. Halstead & later called him requesting a return appt. to install four other cameras. Not only did he give me a recommendation of a Samsung set to buy, which I subsequently did, he planned to come back during the first two weeks of June. When I called to schedule the appt. I was ignored. & even hung up on by the owner himself. I left multiple messages prior to being hung up on for Mr. Halstead to call me & he still has no done so. Meanwhile I sit here w/ the cameras he recommended & have no appointment because the owner himself has decided to completely flake on this job it seems, & I've asked via phone message for a reasonable answer as to why the sudden cold feet, but to no avail. Thanks for nothing Mainstream Electric. If you want to make this right please call Jennifer @ (408) 352-5796!


I am not understanding what has gone upside down here.
Yes we did come out for $400.00 to install your supplied system in your home.
Yes we did notify you that your camera system installation was not a "normal" install since you insisted to have us install ALL "IR" cameras within your window sills on the interior which obstruct your blinds closing properly and left next to no room for a proper mount. But... we accommodated .
Yes, I agree that the wiring also looked "sub par" knowing you wanted the wires routed on the surface of all interior walls vs in the attic or concealed in some type of moulding. But yet we still accomodated.
No, I never hung up on you within all 24 calls we communicated back and forth with regards to your $400.00 system.
No, we never made a secondary appointment to install another system recommended by us for you because there was never a written approved estimate still to date given or signed by you to do because you claimed financial issues would hold this off for some time.
Yes , I feel completely confident we went above and beyond to assist you with ALL your camera issues that was brought to our attention from 7 a.m. calls to 11:30 p.m. calls we gladly answered to help you with.
And lastly, NO.... I don't feel this review as warranted knowing we provided valuable service well above and beyond your $400.00 value you place on this job.
We care for all our clients whether its a small or large project, and with the utmost care to there needs and concerns.
When you are ready for a quote to be given for any further work. Please contact us as prior to make arrangements for a quote for installation as we have no pending proposals in our system.
I Kindly request you reconsider your rating on us with respect to what we were given to work with and ultimately got you exactly what you asked for.
Thank You,
Shane Halstead

Main Stream Electric commented on 07/06/2015