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Main Stream Electric is your trusted electrician in the San Jose Bay Area & Greater Sacramento. We bring a trusted reputation and up-front pricing.


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San Jose, CA

Main Stream Electric

Excellent and reliable

My house nearly caught fire this last past Sunday and I had to shut the main circuit off. I had no internet and called a boyfriend and mom to find me reliable electrical tech's. I called four people before mainstream. One person called me back and said they were booked and referred me to to others even after I told him my house could have caught fire, he still didn't offer to come out and take a look. The other three never returned my call. So, when I got a hold of mainstream electric they answered the phone first time and had a tech call me within 15 minutes and was out to my house that same day within the hour of the call. I was so relieved. He was able to restore power to the house. I was planning on replacing the junction box at some point since it was the 1974 house original plus all the circuits in the kitchen were routed to the same fuse. That's why I kept popping fuses which led to the overheating of my junction box. I decided to have Mainstream Electric install a new junction box and rewire some of the appliances in the kitchen so I would not have a continuing shortage problem. They worked with me on the price and were reasonable. I felt very safe to use my appliances and I'm glad Mainstream Electric were able to make my home electrically safe again. My tech was Rick and he is very nice and thorough with explaining and answering my questions. He even came back at the end of the night when I got off work to help explain what wires went to what appliances so that I am aware. Very thought-full. Thank you Rick. I will use again for other projects.