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Main Stream Electric is your trusted electrician in the San Jose Bay Area & Greater Sacramento. We bring a trusted reputation and up-front pricing.


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Los Altos, CA

Main Stream Electric

Attempting to take advantage of the unsuspecting home ownwer. 4/11/2014, Fab G.

Main Stream Electric needs to be VERY transparent in providing information to their prospective clients, in particular, as it relates to their fees. The $20.00 call fee sounds appealing, but when it comes time to detail the costs of the job, it’s a whole different matter. I don’t know of a service that will charge you $189.00 solely for determining the issue and then another cost for the job/repair at hand!
To replace a single and double outlet, $189.00
To replace the box that houses the outlets, $389.00
Once determined that these costs were just out of line with “reasonable” therefore will NOT use their services, I requested to STOP, and will pay for the $20.00 call fee.
Realizing that it was NOT going to be an easy prey to overcharge, technician demanded a fee of $135.00 for the hour worked? since he had already started to work, in addition to the $20.00 call fee.
Technician arrived at 9:30 AM, stopped at 10:15 AM, it took him a better part of 30 minutes to explain the issues, walk him over to the panel and thereafter, he began to disclose the item-per-item costs. So, he is totally wrong in insisting to be paid for one hour’s work.
Be aware of opportunists looking to overcharge, you truly must be vigilant!
Hope this is helpful to unsuspecting consumers.