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Your premier electrical contractor in the Phoenix and Casa Grand areas. Whether you need 1 outlet added or an entire room wired - Dodge Electric is your best choice.
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Tim B.

Chandler , AZ

Dodge Electric

Super disappointing

I have used dodge four times. I just bought a new home, trusted them and had them do some basic electric to help improve our purchase. Upon completion of the job, to run an Ethernet cable to my top floor, they had cut two giant holes into my wall. I reached out, not even asking for anything. Just saying I wasn’t satisfied and was upset that my new house was damaged. Their response was defensive, accusatory and they told me because I’ve used them that I should know their drywall policy. And if I wasn’t happy with it I could go somewhere else. If curious see my yelp or Facebook review for the picture.


Hello Tim,

We have been in business for 34 years and we have made our fair share of mistakes over the years. We don't mind getting bad reviews occasionally because it lets potential customers know we are a real company. Potential customers can also see the number of great reviews we have as well that far out weigh the bad.

#1...You expected us to run an Ethernet line inside walls and ceilings up to the top floor with no drywall damage. Our guy that met you at your house before we did the job told you that there would be drywall damage.

#2...My crew that did the job, let your wife know that we would have damage drywall and she gave them her permission. But you stated that she didn't understand how big they were going to be. The holes have to be cut large enough to get a drill inside to drill the holes through the framing. We were not intentionally trying to destroy your drywall.

#3...You stated that we destroyed your wall. I am guessing because the drywall cuts were not made into perfect squares? When the drywall company comes to make the repairs, it doesn't matter if the cut is perfect or not.

#4...You mentioned the fact that you have had us do four other jobs for you and that we did a great job and we appreciate that. But in those past jobs you understood our drywall damage policy because it was given to you in writing and most likely given to your verbally as well. Now you are acting as if you never saw it and have no clue.

#5...You are only writing in your review what you want people to see. I didn't tell you to find some else and leave it at that. I copy and pasted it bellow so that potential customers can see that your review was not fully true and it was chopped up to make us look really bad. See below to see exactly what I said.

"We would love to keep doing your work, but we understand if you would rather find a different company to work with in the future."

"Just as a last effort to help with this matter, I am going to knock $50.00 of your invoice that you can put it towards the drywall repairs."

It is a shame that you never left us a good review from any of the four great jobs we did for you, but were very quick to leave us a bad review on a job that was done well, it just wasn't drywall damage free like you envisioned.

Thank you

Mike Storer

Dodge Electric commented on 12/15/2019