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24x7 for Heater & AC repair, serving Butler, Mercer and Crawford PA counties for 57 years,


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Butler, PA

Schneider One Hour

Wonderful outfit, wonderful people, and did a wonderful job.

Schneider One Hour's service was very good. I was with them for 18 or 19 years, and they took care of my air conditioner and furnace all that time. I gave them a contract every couple of years, and they would come out and take care of them. In the end, I didn't give them up, they gave me up, and gave my money back this last time, but I have no complaints. They did a wonderful job all those years.

The reason they gave me up is because I have an older furnace. I'm an old man, in my 80s, and I have had this furnace I have now is at least 50 or something years old. It's an old thermal type coupling furnace, and that furnace kept the house hot all year. I didn't want to change it. Then they found a crack in it and wanted me to replace it because it was unsafe, and when I refused they dropped me. They were worried about my health, and with all the lawsuits going around these days I can understand why they would be scared and refuse renewing the contract. I'm old, and I don't want to die, but I love my furnace, so I put in carbon monoxide detectors, just in case.

Again, I don't have any complaints about Schneider One Hour. They did a wonderful job, and they came when I needed them. I still have my air conditioner and furnace, both over 40 years old, and you can't ask for better service than that. I love Schneider One Hour, but I love my furnace more, and that's why they dropped me.

Jeremy H. Fleeger