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With more than 35k custom head and shaft options, Club Champion’s master fitters will find the perfect match to fit your swing using Tour-level fitting technology.


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Club Champion Hartford, CT

Great experience, Mitch exceptional at walking and coaching a newbie through process

I had a great experience at my fitting with Mitch at the Hartford location. I am a longtime golfer, but new to taking the sport seriously and getting out on the course/range regularly. As part of my dedication to improve, I decided to get fitted and came across the Hartford location based on a recommendation from a friend, who had been fitted at a different Club Champion location.

As someone who just started breaking 100 , I have good days and bad days in terms of making consistent contact - and as (I hope) is typical for someone at my level, the bad days can be very bad. It turns out that the day of my appointment was one of those bad days for me, as I started out my fitting struggling to make anything remotely close to good contact. Mitch was patient, encouraging and offered just the right amount of coaching (e.g., move ball forward in stance) , as he could likely tell I was getting frustrated right from the get go. His patience and light-touch coaching really helped me and allowed the fitting to go far more smoothly, as I eventually settled down and started making more consistent contact.

As someone coming in for my first fitting and who doesn't follow every new development in golf clubs, I was also fairly naive to the whole process. I did come in with a rough budget I was hoping to stay within, fully acknowledging to Mitch at the start that it was lower than what I knew a full bag would cost (I was in for a full bag fitting). Mitch was understanding that I was cost-sensitive, and worked with me to identify places where I could shave some cost off the final number while maximizing the impact of my spend. In the end, I spent more than I planned, but that's because Mitch walked me through each incremental cost, how impactful each additional spend would be for my golf game, and how much longevity I would get out of each area of the purchase. There was no obvious sales pressure, just a matter of fact discussion about each part of the purchase, which allowed me to make a decision of where and where not to spend, leading to me spending more.

On a related note, given my limited knowledge of club fitting, I had only a bit of knowledge of what variables we were playing around with when trying different clubs and heads. All of my questions about the process and the differences between the various shafts/heads I tried were answered with clarity by Mitch.

In sum, I was extremely pleased with the fitting experience, in large part due to Mitch. I'd certainly return when the time comes to upgrade once again, and I'll be recommending others to visit a Club Champion if they're considering being fitted.