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Ellen Ray Bankruptcy Attorney

Dealing with Ellen Ray has been very difficult, at best. She has been most judgemental and disrespectful towards me. She has not followed through on anything; she does not answer any of my questions and has screamed at me, over the phone and in her office. Her snide remarks to me, have been most unprofessional. She has been quite negative in her remarks to me and to Lacey, that have me quite concerned. Turning Office staff against me is quite concerning.

Although I have brought these concerns to Ellen Ray's attention, she was most defensive and blaming of me. I am not responsible for her NOT following through on things; not answering my questions; screaming out at me in her office and over the phone; making demands of me, that I follow through on, but them she does NOT follow through on. She just wants an "easy" case, with little or NO WORK involved. Otherwise, you are treated as "a burden" and treated with utter disrespect. Steer clear of this attorney, who is only in it, for the MONEY; NOT helping the client.


Ms. C,

I regret that we were unable to help you through the process in the same way we have helped thousands of others over nearly 30 years of service to those in need and I sincerely wish you luck in the future. I have filed a motion to withdraw from your case, at your request. I agreed to help you file your chapter 13 case in November, after your last attorney was unable to help you in your previous case, because I believed that I could offer you the same conscientious and experienced representation we offer all of our clients. Although I realize that you feel we have not done enough for you, we have spent many hours on your case, filing court documents and sending letters to creditors as you requested and responding promptly to the many emails and calls from you, even on weekends and after hours. As with all of my clients, my office and I have tried to be both respectful and clear about what we could and could not do for you.

I know that you, like many of my clients, are in a very stressful situation and I know that I have had to advise you of things that were difficult for you to hear. At no time did I mean to be disrespectful to you and, as I have told you previously, I am very sorry if you felt that either my staff or I communicated with you in an unprofessional way.

I am very hopeful that you will be able to find a new attorney that will be able to better fit your needs. I do need to get paid for what I do or I cannot pay my staff or run my business but, as I told you in an email when you asked me to stop work on your case, although I would normally still receive money for the work completed, I will only retain the total of $329.00 I have already received, so that you can assure your new attorney that he or she can get paid for their work without you having to pay more than you agreed to pay me. I know how tight money is for most of my clients and I do not want to do anything to make it more difficult for you to move forward in this case. I am surprised that you feel that our communication broke down because of money given my offer to give you a lower fee than usual when you first came to see me and then the fact that we have never discussed fees in the many conversations and email exchanges we have had. I have never based my representation of any client on how much money they have paid me.

Lastly, I do not yell at my clients and I am sorry if you felt that anyone in my office raised their voice to you. My staff and I had a very hard time speaking to you at times but it was never our intention to add to your stress. We always try to communicate in a way that will help instead of upset our clients.

Ellen Ray Bankruptcy Attorney commented on 03/15/2019