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Eastside Tree Works has serviced customers in King, Snohomish, Pierce and Kitsap county for over 10 years.


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Newcastle, WA

Eastside Tree Works

Poor customer service, incomplete work

If there was a less than 1 star option, I would pick it!
My first clue should have been that the company had one of the "arborist" going door to door soliciting business because "we were in the neighborhood". This was on 6/7/2011.
I actually did have work I wanted done, so we walked around the yard, me showing him EXACTLY what I wanted done, him writing up the estimate on paper.
I was concerned about a crew coming when I wasn't around, because I wanted to make sure what I wanted done was actually done. I was assured I didn't need to be home, that it was all written down.

The crew eventually shows up on a day when I was gone, does about 1/4th of what they were supposed to do. Does not clean up properly, throws some limbs and debris over my fence instead of cleaning up properly. Cuts down a cypress and another bush leaving the stumps when I was understanding the whole plant would be removed, not just cut down. Now nothing can be planted there unless I have the stumps removed myself. My estimate clearly says "remove cypress, remove bush".

I am thinking they are coming to finish the job since it was only partially done. But I get another invoice that my payment is past due. I call the office, explain it all to the woman that answers the phones. She say's she will look into it and have someone call me. Months go by, finally the same arborist comes again to my house, after dark on 12/21/2011 to look at the work done. He agrees that only part of the work was done, fills out another paper and says a crew will come out the following week. On my paper it clearly says to call first and I want to be home!! Months pass, no one comes. In April I get a call from the woman in the office saying my bill is past due!
All I could say was "this is getting comical".

She seemed to not have a copy of the last write up done by the arborist back on 12/21/2011. She said she will get back to me. I again said that I would not be paying my bill until the work was completed.

A couple days later, no phone calls, no communication....just a "revised bill" for half the agreed upon amount.

So this is how this company does business. They come knocking on your door, don't tell you when the work will be done, do a partial job, leave a mess, then expect full payment. Then say they will come back to make it right, and never do! Then instead of fixing the issue, and completing the work they "call it good" by sending you a new bill without so much as a discussion?

Can someone give this company a class on customer service?

I've read all the other reviews today, just wish I would have read them before hiring this company. Lesson learned to not go with a company that solicits work door to door.

If the company had truly made changes regarding communication as stated by the manager in his responses on 4/18/ 2012 to Marisa and Jeanne I should not be having this problem.

Beware and find yourself another company!