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swimming pools & spas

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23410 Wayfarer Ct, CA

Pool Covers, Inc.

Worst service ever!!!

This company is terrible. Took us 5 months to get this completed. Everything was piecemeal. First, it was the cover. Then whoops you need a new system. If you get the new system we can mount the nice key unit on the wall, nice and convenient. Then whoops can't do that. Then it was whoops this system is a different size and your cover won't fit. Salesman refused to come to the house. Different servicemen each time out with different stories of what we needed and how it could be done. Everything was our fault as we obviously have the wrong pool. I would never recommend this company to anyone, and if I had found someone else midway, we would have canceled it there. I highly recommend finding someone else. Lies, lies, lies, and pushing up the price every time.