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Sebastapol, CA

Pool Covers, Inc.

love the covers, but had some trouble with maintenance

I don't want to put down Pool Covers because I think they're stuff is good quality but I have struggled a bit with maintaining what they built to me. They've been back like 3 times to fix the same piece that keeps breaking, which is a key box used to control the cover. So I love the cover, but it's a relatively long wait to get them back out to take a look when you do have a problem. I'm in Sebastopol so I think it's a bit of a hike for them.

Every time they've come they have done a good job, but this is the third time I've had a problem with the key box breaking. I very much trust and respect the pool people who rely on these folks for their covers, so in that respect I'm not sure who else I would go to. There was one other incident where the cover wasn't actually closing. The guy came out and he basically looked at me 'so what did you do to shorten to ropes?' and I said 'Are you kidding me? I don't know how this works!' He was kind of upset, but he did actually apologize for suggesting that I had messed with it.

So the pool cover worked great within the initial period and I've had some issues beyond that with things that sort of seemed surprising. The pool cover itself I love. The quality of the workmanship I love. However, when you call in the summer time it may be a week or ten days before they can come look at it which can be frustrating, especially if you are worried about cats and dogs getting in the pool at night.