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Our trained technicians have many years of experience and have the knowledge and the expertise to do the repairs right the first time.


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Sacramento, CA

S & S Appliance Repair

No Communication

When calling for status of a part NO ONE knows a thing. There Tech is out of the Country for weeks. The other tech won't call back. Office help doesn't know a thing..They NEVER volunteer to call back. You can call for weeks and still NOTHING. When someone finally calls after you hound them, they say they will call back and let you know and still they don't. Weeks go by the office says I'll have them call. NO ONE calls. Repair not done right the first time. My part has been out longer in 6 months than I've had it home. I've use my appliance for 2 months the part has been out for 4 months. YOU do the math. By time the part comes back again the warranty will be up. Big fat "F-"