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Helping residential and commercial customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding area with bee removal and stinging insect problems.
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Little Giant Beekeepers & Bee Removal Specialists
15150 Preston Rd #300, Dallas, TX 75248, USA
(972) 980-0923


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Stephen M.

Crandall, TX

Little Giant Beekeepers & Bee Removal Specialists

Amazing same day service! Highly recommend!

Jefferson was amazing and very entertaining. They humanely removed the bees and relocated them (I believe a Bee Farm).

The bee hive was in a water shut off valve container in front of the house. 10's of thousands of them were removed. We gave Jefferson a tupperware container and he gave us the honey these bees produced.

Jefferson actually puts the bees in the air conditioned vehicle with him so they will not die on the way to farm. Most of the time he does not even wear a bee suit. My kids called him the bee whisperer : ).

Highly recommend plus they knocked down 17 wasps nest around the house.