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With more than 35k custom head and shaft options, Club Champion’s master fitters will find the perfect match to fit your swing using Tour-level fitting technology.


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Club Champion Jacksonville, FL

66 year-old fitting with already owned new Ping clubs

As a recent 66 year-old retiree who was very new to golf, I had purchased a new set of Ping woods (G410) and irons (i700) in early 2019 from my local golf pro. Since I was curious if any swing improvements made during the past year had impacted the initial fitting conducted at the time of purchase, I scheduled a full-bag fitting appointment with Evan at the Jacksonville store. Evan spent several hours with me patiently explaining and reviewing the “TrakMan” results from the various clubs in my bag that we used, along with other brand clubs/shafts that he had me hit as comparisons. In the end, Even made several minor adjustment to a couple of my clubs, and recommended that I “keep the Pings in my bag.” However., the SAM PuttLab putting analysis performed showed that the decades old mallet putter that I had been using was definitely NOT suited for my putting style, but that the new Ping Sigma 2 blade putter might be a much better fit. I am now awaiting the arrival of the Ping putter that Evan ordered for me. Just as in the past with the purchase of a new car, I‘ve taken my vehicle to a reputable dealer/mechanic annually to ensure “all is in order.” Scheduling an appointment with Club Champion has given me the confidence that “all is in order” with the golf equipment that I’m using. Now as far as the golfer.......