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With more than 35k custom head and shaft options, Club Champion’s master fitters will find the perfect match to fit your swing using Tour-level fitting technology.


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Club Champion Delray Beach, FL

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Review Part 1 of 2: Initial Fitting
Hesitantly went to club champion - the cost was a consideration for the fitting and often the upsell on the shafts. I voiced my concerns with Alex and he tailored a fitting to look at options from the manufacturer as well as aftermarket options. We ran through a lot of shaft options and surprisingly, he strongly recommended an option from the manufacturer - the graphite steel shafts are super hot, but one of the KBS options was just so consistent with a far tighter dispersion. Alex is great, breaking down what we are looking for in a few metrics and describing in simple language why they are important. I don't like advisors over emphasize on high tech language to give an air of "you wouldn't understand" or "just trust me" - it was more - "we need to look at spin because it does x, we need to look at descent angle because of y ..." and so on. At each stage, Alex broke down the "why" and we got a fit that felt fantastic which created a highly repeatable shot and shot shape (the ever desirable "butter cut"). I freely admit, it's often hard for me to take my hands off the wheel and let someone else steer, but if you go in with an open mind and are receptive to feedback, you'll leave with a great experience. Go see Alex. It's worth the price. (Part 2 will be a clubs review once they come in).