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Champion AC is a full service air conditioning and heating company located in San Antonio, TX. We offer AC repair, AC replacement and annual maintenance plans.


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A/C was making noise so i called Champion because they had great reviews and was expecting stellar service. Submitted a request via their website, didn't receive a response (in retrospect i should have just stopped here and moved on, but i didn't). I called a couple days later and there was no record of my online request. So i scheduled a service, the tech came out and performed the service quickly, which fixed the noise, charging $49. When i originally scheduled the call i asked for an a/c turn up service, and expected a service of the a/c system and repair of the noise, which didn't happen. I emailed them back and they said that only the repair was done and i had to pay another $99 for a service. When i called to try to schedule this service, i was told i had to buy a heating and a/c service that was $198 in order to have the invoice reflect that the a/c was in good working order. What a rip off. Twice the price i was told the day before. Ridiculous that i should pay $247 for something that should have been $99 and done on the first visit. Needless to say, they are not performing the $198 service or any further service. I'll get someone to come out and perform the service I asked for in the first place.


Thank you for taking the time to review Champion AC. Our records show that the initial call was for a service due to hail damage (the noise in your system) not a tune-up call. We addressed the noise in your system, which was due to paper in your blower wheel that could not be caused by hail. We did repair your noise, something you have said that we did do, then later in your review said we didn't do. When we were called back, you were stating that you needed a tune-up for AC because you were selling your home, which was not mentioned in your initial call. We stated that we do not do tune-ups ($99 mentioned) for homes that are being sold, instead we do a Real Estate Inspection, or a REI 198 (which is the $198 mentioned). When our call center hears "I am selling my home." we immediately do what is best for you and potential buyers, suggesting an REI 198. This document lets the home owner's agent and the home buyer's agent know what condition the AC is in so there can be complete transparency. You declined this option. You stated to our call center that you thought you should have lied to us to get someone out there to perform a tune-up, something we have recorded. We then told you that a tune-up would not be sufficient, because we work with real estate agents and know the documentation needed. To sum up, we didn't want to charge you $99 for a service that your real estate agent or your potential buyer's real estate agent would look at and say that the information is insufficient, and we would have to go out to your home again and charge you for the REI 198 after charging you for a $99 tune-up. Also, the system is 9 years old and would need some work done to get a clean bill of health from our company. We will not lie to a real estate company, or any one else for that matter, when it comes to giving your AC a clean bill of health. All in all, we did perform the services you asked for in your initial call, the repair to your blower wheel (paper stuck in system) which you claimed was from hail damage. But we will not make false claims on legal documents for potential home-buyers. Thank you for your feedback, and have a great day.

Matty Marshall
Outreach Manager

Champion AC commented on 05/11/2016