Club Champion Manhattan, NY

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With more than 35k custom head and shaft options, Club Champion’s master fitters will find the perfect combo to match your swing using Tour-level fitting technology.


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Manhattan , NY

Club Champion Manhattan, NY

Kind of a revelation

I’ve been playing golf for 55 years, high single digit handicap, enjoy it a lot, but never all that serious. As my irons passed their 33rd birthday and friends were finding new life in clubs from this century, I decided to give it a shot. The technology is amazing! We rather quickly upgraded my irons. I gained 20 yards with my six iron and significant improvements in accuracy. As the rest of my bag was more current, I didn’t see the same degree of improvement but I did see greater consistency. And now I understand so much more about the physics — smash factor, spin rate, launch angle, etc. — and how these elements relate. Zach was well-informed, patient, and good company. There’s a bit of sticker shock at the end, but compare it to other ways you might spend the same $, like say shingling a side of your house, and well it’s about time I invested in my tools, considering how much fun I have playing the game.