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We have used Ardvark moving about 10 years ago and we were completly satisfied. However, this move was horrible. When I called to get a quote I specifically stated that I was looking for a quote for a COMPLETE move as well as using them to do our packing. When the movers arrived it was brought to my attention that they were not move anything that wasn't on their list and no more than 100-150 boxes. Their list consisted of all of the furniture that I had listed and nothing else. When I filled out the room inventory on line, I didn't know that I was supposed to list every picture as well as every box, tote, or anything else that we had already prepared before the packers came in to pack us. They also charged us for 100 boxes and we were told that when we returned the boxes we would should get a refund of $200. We worked diligently on unpacking of their boxes so that we could get them returned the following Monday. After unpacking only their boxes, they only supplied us with 87 NOT 100. Unforturnately, we didn't count the boxes when the packers came in to pack us, however, the packers didn't count them either. The manager had to come out on our move date and we had to pay an addition $75 for the movers to move the items that my husband had packed in the garage as well as the items that I had already prepared and had ready to move in our downstairs. Overall, this move was extremely stressful and I was very dissatisfied with the quote that we received.