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Doug Turner Plumbing CO. offers complete residential and commercial plumbing services, as well as remodeling and new construction plumbing services. SW Houston.


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Failed to fix leak and caused damage

Doug Turner plumbing co was hired to repair a leak that was found during a home inspection. They were provided with a photo from the home inspection showing an active water leak. Sam came out and said he didn't see a leak, even though he was shown a photo. Instead of making sure everything was sealed, he did nothing. The leak continued and caused a lot of water damage. Immediately upon discovering the damage, I called to notify them, it was a weekend. I was told they don't do warranty work on the weekends and to wait until Tuesday for them to come out. Fortunately I was able to shut off the water to stop the leak. Since they wouldn't come out, I had to find someone else to fix the leak. Once Sam came out again, I showed him the water damage and he didn't know what to do. He said Doug Turner would handle it. I spoke with Doug Turner, the owner and he refused to help. His plumber was shown the leak and failed to fix it which caused significant water damage. They refused to take responsibility for the water damage caused by their negligence. If there is a problem, they won't fix it, and they will deny responsibility.


Mr. Cohen,

We were hired on February 17th by the previous owner of your home prior to your purchase. The owner showed our plumber a picture that was taken by a home inspector that showed what appeared to be either a stain or wet sheetrock under the tub. Upon arrival, our plumber inspected the area in the picture and it was dry. He then filled the tub with water and operated the faucet and hand spray multiple times while the owner was present. At no time did any leak occur and the faucet, hand spray and tub functioned properly. He observed that the hand spray holder that is attached to the tub deck was loose. If water was able to get around the holder during the time the tub was in use, it could leak to the area below. He advised the owner of the situation and recommended that it be sealed. The owner agreed and authorized him to perform the procedure. Afterwards he checked the tub, faucet and hand spray several more times and all components of the system were operating properly. The homeowner paid us for the service.

We received a call from you on Sunday March 8th and made a service call on Tuesday March 10th. When our plumber arrived at your home, he ran water in the tub using the faucet and hand spray. The area under the tub was dry. He could not find any leak at the tub. You stated that you had a contractor repair the leak prior to our arrival. I asked you what was leaking and if you had an invoice or paperwork from the contractor that made the repair showing what they found and repaired. You stated the leak was on the hose and that you did not have any paperwork.

Both times that our plumber was at the home there was no leak present on the tub faucet, drain or hose. We operated the hand spray that is connected to the hose and pulled it in and out several times on each service call. It was not leaking when the previous owner was present or when you were present. We are not sure where the water that you said caused damage originated from. We are always happy to stand behind our work when there is an issue with what we have done for our clients. I’m available to discuss the issue more if you wish, however at this time there is nothing to indicate that either our work was faulty or we have any responsibility in the matter.

Doug Turner Plumbing CO. commented on 03/18/2020