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The Web Guys provides solid, smart, and time-tested digital marketing strategies that cater to the needs of your business. Find out what makes use different.


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Cape Girardeau, MO

The Web Guys

Wish I would have done it sooner! Great results in short time.

I learned of the web guys a year before I finally decieded to bit the bullet and give control (and my money) to the the professionals. I own a small 1-2 person skin spa. We are a very unique situation. We offer all esthetic treatments and I utilize a massage therapist (with her own 1 therapist show) for massage therapy. Both me and the massage therapist met each other the same month as we started our indidual business in the same building, but different suites. We started working together and within 2 years moved our individual business together in the same suite, but has a more combined bang. So still to this day we are 2 businesses (why mess with what works). By giving you my story is to tell you...the web guys were able to put my website together featuring both businesses, seperate, but together and it has worked. I knew getting seen would take a while, but I've been suprised how many hits we received in the first 2 months alone. But the hits don't matter, it is the calls, and the bookings. I'm getting called and bookings!! Been with them for 4 months now and WISHED I would have done it sooner.