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The Web Guys provides solid, smart, and time-tested digital marketing strategies that cater to the needs of your business. Find out what makes use different.
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The Web Guys
11550 N Meridian St # 300, Carmel, IN 46032, USA
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Ann C.

Mesa, AZ

The Web Guys

Exceptional service! They have proven their value multiple times.

We started using The Web Guys in 2010 when our company page needed to be refreshed. They offer different levels of service. You can hire them to develop your website, monitor your search engine optimization, and/or directly input content on your social media outlets. At first, we only used The Web Guys for the development of our website. It was a scary thing to invest in a website/SEO company especially after we had experiences with other companies that weren't so knowledgeable or useful. As the years went by, however, we began to trickle down more management of our online presence to them. My team still is responsible for putting content on our social media, but Roger's team at The Web Guys directs us on what we need to be doing. It's a very healthy and collaborative relationship that our companies have with each other. They are truly an amazing crew of people. Since using them, we have picked up traffic tremendously. They let us know things that our SEO had missed, such as when our traffic had slipped because the big name search engine changed its algorithms. Within two months, The Web Guys helped to increase our traffic again. They are so helpful in training us with the management of our site content. When I explained the dynamic of the wedding industry, which is what we're in, they completely understood that pictures had to be constantly refreshed. They allowed us to be able to manage photos directly. This is not something other website companies will be willing to do for your business! I have recommended Roger and The Web Guys to a number of people. Some of them still hesitate because they think they can just buy a domain and do the website themselves and be fine, or they think they will get scammed by a "professional" website developer. I have had neither of these issues with the Web Guys. I appreciate that they respond almost immediately to our requests if it's during work hours. If it's not during work hours, I can easily CC Roger to an email, and he will do all he can to get his team to fix glitches or whatnot. This is a company that is completely willing and have proven their worth to us many times. They deserve every penny we've ever given them.