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The Web Guys provides solid, smart, and time-tested digital marketing strategies that cater to the needs of your business. Find out what makes use different.


internet marketing service, web design & development, business consulting

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Raleigh, NC

The Web Guys

Awesome, squared away, pretty much made my business.

The Web Guys were great. I definitely want to give them a good review. They were awesome, pretty much. They basically made my business. I was going to advertise on my own, and I had a whole different plan involving billboards, local papers, and fliers.

I left it up to The Web Guys, and we made a few fliers to get people onto the website, then my business really took off. They did everything. Every time I called to change something, Lindsey calls me right back and the work is done in a day. Any questions I have or stuff I want done, she or Chad will do. With billing, they let me pay for the blog spread over six months, which wasn't a problem because by month three I was making thousands off the business.

They're just really squared away good people, and that's what I love about them. I just got out of the Army a couple months ago, and when I walked into the civilian world after being in the military, I realized that it's just a weird, different world. In the military, you ask someone for something and they get it done immediately. In the civilian world, you say to someone, "hey, I need this," and people will say, "well...oh, okay" and then the work doesn't get done. My wife's just like, calm down, you're not in the military anymore, but it feels good working with the The Web Guys. They're squared away, and they make things happen. If I need something, they're there right away, and I'm the same way with my customers.