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Theater Xtreme specializes in putting real movie theaters in your home.


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Roseville, CA

Theater Xtreme

Good results but not perfect

Well, first off, I want to make it clear that I'm writing this review almost 11 months after it was installed, so some of my experiences may no longer be valid, as Brian and the Theatre Extreme crew may have improved over time. Both Brian and Eric, who I dealt with, were very professional, helpful and took the time to work with me. We selected out a system, set a budget and worked on the room. They took the time to inspect the room and talk over my concerns and requirements and assured me that every one of my requirements would be met.
Part of the base requirements was no holes in the wall, all equipment out of the way, no outlets visible and the projector be offset from the screen to keep it out of view.
I had my system installed the day before Christmas - probably a bad move - as it wasn't completed in one day, additionally, the crew installing it was different than originally said and they were rushing to get it done.
The crew did do a very good job of installing the system. Holes in the wall were kept to a minimum and they did an excellent job of running cables without making a mess. All holes were hidden behind things.
The down side was we ended up with an outlet near the top of the screen, which we were told would not exist.
The equipment works great - with 11 months of use, no major issues, so no complaints there. They did spec out very good choices for the room, given our budget.
The one major downside is that our requirements were not all met. In the end, it turns out the projector could not move the image as much as we were told or expected. No fault of Brian's, just a misunderstanding of the capability of the projects on everyone’s part. So in the end, I ended up with a good system with an image that is slanted.
If you look at project from a requirements perspective, it was only half done. If you look at it from an movie experience perspective, sure, it's great.
Couple of items to note for others:
1) If you get a retractable screen, watch out for the edges that curl. We were not told of this and it affects the image.
2) Make sure you know where every outlet or hole will be, to assure you don't end up with unexpected items.
3) Do not get the system installed in a rush, as I did, by accident - my speakers were all wired wrong and the cabling behind the equipment was very messy, forcing me to redo the wiring myself.
4) Be sure to watch pricing closely - as I've seen the prices drop a lot in a short period of time. My loss, your gain.

Again, like I said at the start, my experience was when Theatre Extreme first opened, and may have been rough around the edges. Brian was very nice, professional and helpful as was Eric. My situation might be unique, but if you have a difficult room to work with, make sure everything is tested prior to installation to ensure that equipment capabilities match your requirements.
I wish I could give them 5 stars across, but I can’t, with now having to go back and start Part 2 of the project and fix the issues.