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Sam's personnel service, all manufacturers and models of heating and air conditioning units.
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Sam's Heating and Air Conditioning
7204 Bobhird Dr, San Diego, CA 92119, USA
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sam M.

Alpine, CA

Sam's Heating and Air Conditioning

Excellant Product/Service

The AC/Heating industry in San Diego does not make it easy. No body wants/will tell you much of anything about their products/services without you letting them in the door first. It was a frustrating experience trying to determine the right system and the costs. My frustration ended when, by chance, I ran in to Sam at Home Depot. He could have, like the others, told me to make an appointment and then drive off into the secrete world of the AC/Heating business. To my surprise, (although he was obviously busy) he took the time to answer all my questions and even gave me a price on two systems. Both prices were much more reasonable than the other companies and were more/better systems. He never tried to talk me into or out of anything. I was so impressed with his friendly demeanor and willingness to help me understand the difference in systems and costs, I asked him to come out and give me an estimate. He came out and gave me the exact same prices/systems he quoted me earlier. The rest is history. Once I decided what system was best for me, he installed it without adding any unforeseen costs. His crew was polite, friendly and professional. Sam was there the entire time to oversee the installation and spend time explaining the operation of my new system. BOTTOM LINE -
I could not be happier with my new system. I'm so glad that I met Sam and went with his company. I have no skin in this game and only wanted to give credit where credit is well deserved.