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Sam's personnel service, all manufacturers and models of heating and air conditioning units.
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Sam's Heating and Air Conditioning
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Joseph M.

El Cajon, CA

Sam's Heating and Air Conditioning

Couldn't believe it.

I am very satisfied with Sam's Heating and Air Conditioning. He has done some repair work on our furnace before, and he had done such a good job that we decided to call him back when we needed to replace our furnace and air compressor. We had fixed our compressor in the past with other people, and they used a sealer which didn't allow Sam to take the part off to fix the leak. Since it was a 23 year old unit, he said they didn't even make the repair part anymore, and it was only running at 30 efficiency, we decided to change the furnace. Sam gave us a quote, the quote was very good, and we decided to go ahead and do it.

They got it done on schedule, as he said they would. He told us he was going to be here and was always here on time. He said he would show up on Saturday at 10 and was there 5 minutes early. I noticed that there was no schedule with the quote, and he said that he'd have it finished on Saturday. All in all, it took four hours for them to both install the condenser and the furnace. They also got it all checked out, set up the thermostat, and showed us how to use it.

Sam is very responsive and excellent in customer relations. He is a gentleman in a strict sense of the word. He came in and laid out runners so that the work would not be dirty, moved furniture that was in the way, and it was just a very professional, quick job. I couldn't believe it.