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Residential and commercial Termite and Pest Control service featuring our Kilfoam process for Termites and Kilgaurd program for pest control.


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5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA


I recommend this company

I was reading La Opinion magazine and saw Kilter Termite's advertisement. It was the only advertisement in english so it stuck out considering it's a spanish speaker based magazine. They were offering a termite inspection for free if you lived in orange county, ca.... Read More

5 Stars

Orange California, CA


My mom used them and I will probably use them.

Termite Control companies are hard to find but Kilter Termite and Pest Control's phone call made it easy. I litterally had just been inspected from Terminix when they called my mom's house to schedule her annual service. My mom used them and I will probably use them. Read More

5 Stars

Orange, CA


They do very well.

Kilter Termite & Pest Control did a very good job. They work well and efficiently. I definitely don't have any complaints, and I would recommend them very highly. Read More

5 Stars

Santa Ana, CA


Fair price good business

been using them for pest control around the house for on and off ten fifteen years. the technicians keep getting younger and younger or maybe im getting older and older. The bugs die the wife is happy and we all move forward. Read More

5 Stars

Huntington Beach, CA


Long Time Customer of Kilter's

Called Yesterday because I thought my renewal was coming up. I was waiting on hold for a second only and someone had answered. I asked if she could schedule my inspection and she said and confirmed that I was due. I went ahead and did it again. this should be my... Read More

5 Stars

Long Beach, CA


Fair service Price , Great Customer Service

Aaron Cunningham asked me to write this review after completing my Listen360 Survey. Kilter Came out last year when the summer was really hot and the termites started swarming. My inspector was very thorough and the free termite inspection was definitely needed.... Read More

5 Stars

Downey, CA


Great Service, very honest

I needed Kilter Termite to come to my home for a free termite inspection, I needed some termite control. I met with Bill Sanford and he let me know that while my home was massively infested with termites that I didn't have to fumigate unless I chose to. So we... Read More

4 Stars

Placentia, CA


Glad I called....

From the moment I called Kilter I knew I was in good hands. Aaron Cunningham knew exactly what I needed. When the service tech arrived at my home I didn't have to explain my situation he already knew. The tech was thorough and took care of my pesky pests. I will... Read More

5 Stars

Los Alamitos, CA


Went fine

I contacted this termite company to perform a free termite inspection on my mom and dads house. Everything went well. And we sold the house. Read More

5 Stars

Villa Park, CA


Termite Control by Kilter Termite & Pest Control

I got a knock on my door recently from a representative of Kilter Termite and Pest Control. A very nice young man had come to tell me that I could get a free termite inspection. I had been noticing termite excrement in an area under my eaves in the patio. The young... Read More

3 Stars

Bellflower, CA


A response to my comments.

I received a phone call today from Greg, he wanted to know what had happened and what kind of problems we had with the company. He had read my review and was very sorry we had so many problems and we were not taken care of. I was very suprised, I really did not... Read More