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Double crosses his clients

I'm autistic, I was arrested for having a mental breakdown, I was abused by police and my first public defender. So my mom found Hendrick, he seemed so nice and kind, but that was only a front. First of all, he pretended to listen while never doing a thing he promised or told me he would. He would also fail to understand someone who just had their life implode, did I mention my father died right as I got out of jail and never got to see or talk to him before he passed. I've done nothing but try and speak out online, become a better person, and still after all he did to me, I asked him for help instead of trying to hurt his career. I know he abused me, he gas lit me, he failed to protect or ensure I felt like I had hope, I felt like everything was over like I was already dead...

I had to find another lawyer after he failed me for over a year, I finally beat my case, I tried to put my life back together, but things kept happening out of my control, I did all I was supposed to do, I told him I forgave him, even as I have a very good idea that the DA made some deal with him so he would destroy my case, given it could prove how abusive police and the justice system are to innocent people who needed help. I asked him for help, I asked him to do the right thing...

If you think I'm lying, my case records will prove otherwise, I also am am artist whose work will back up who I am, my mind was destroyed, but they'll never destroy my heart that tells me what is right and wrong. What happened to me was wrong, what he did was wrong, I did not want to have to hurt his career but honestly, I cannot allow this man to hurt anyone else. I will make it my mission now to legally destroy this man, as he uses his power for greed and selfish ends, lawyers like this double crossing their clients are why innocent people suffer, and criminals prosper.

I do not believe in hurting someone because they wronged me, but I do believe in justice. My Justice will be using the media, and every legal mean at my disposal to make sure those who harm the ones they are paid to protect, will never stab another mentally disabled client in the back. He claims to be a Christian, and yet what he did, is no different than what Judas did to $@!#%. I'm not $@!#%, I am everyone, every homeless person, every mentally ill person, every oppressed individual, because what happened to me, happens everyday and hopefully taking this man's career away will be the domino to save us all.