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East Haddam, CT

Rapid Service LLC

Well Pump + Pipe & Well Tank (w/fitting & gauge) Replaced.

Well water to the house stopped It was on the weekend (Sat). I began my "google" search, found some contacts, and started in town plumbers Oil & Plumbing 24/hr. emergency service, etc., no luck. I then began branching out to the surrounding towns, no luck. I then reached out to larger (franchise) service providers (e.g. BF), though the dispatchers were pleasant, all their plumbers were busy and would not be available until Monday. To boot, BF is charging $189.00 for emergency service calls! For that fee, why couldn’t they afford to hire more plumbers?

At any rate, I found Rapid Service (RS) (http://www.rapidservicellc.com/) on the World Wide Web (I know…old school taking here). I navigated to Plumbing > “Well Pumps”, reviewed the following towns RS covered, and then called their number. I spoke to their dispatch team and received a call back (within 30 mins) from the service technician. Andy was Professional and Compassionate (Yes, a rare quality for tradesman in the 21st century!). He gave me an approximate time he would arrive; he even gave me a courtesy call letting me know that he was running a little late coming from his last job. He arrived, assessed my well water system, mechanical, as well as field inspection (e.g., combing the grounds for any pipe break - signs of puddles along my foundation and yard). He then gave his diagnosis and provided a written solution plan (e.g. options 1, 2, 3). He then provided the quote as well the case price (e.g. if he found more issues after pulling the pump, etc.). Andy saw my expression gazing at the price (“deer in the headlights”). I asked Andy if RS provided financing? He made a call to his office manager, found out the details, and gave me the number to call (GreenSky they use), and it was painless being approved. Yes, Andy had good administrative skills as well. Andy was able to pull the pump before dawn, and get back the next day with all the parts and did the entire job in approx. 3 ½ hours; quality work to boot. Noted, Andy was VERY NEAT.

My message to the homeowners, I had a good experience, especially during an incident having no water. In closing, a message to RS, clone Andy! ~PM