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Locally owned and operated service shop, specializing in repair and installation of transmission systems and drive train components.
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Mr. Transmission Jackson
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Rachael C.

Jackson, MS

Mr. Transmission Jackson

Very rude and unprofessional

My parents have had numerous transmissions rebuilt and replaced through this business, so they came highly recommended. I brought two vehicles to this business on the same day to be evaluated. Vehicle #1 was tested immediately, and needed work. Once Bob, the manager, sensed that I wanted to shop around to avoid paying over $3,000 for those repairs, his level of customer service drastically declined. Among many rude comments, he didn't want to give me much information regarding my vehicle saying, "Just let us fix it." Bob then sought to keep vehicle #2 for two extra weeks, lacking an evaluation; I guess it wasn't of importance to him. As it pertains to vehicle #2, I still don't know what is EXACTLY wrong as Bob stated, " we will need $350 to proceed with electrical testing to see what is wrong with it." After dealing with this company for nearly a month, I got fed up and decided to retrieve my vehicle from them. Upon retrieval, Bob says "Well, you won't get it today. I'm not moving all of the cars in front of it." I called the next day to retrieve my vehicle and he rudely answers, states that it's outside, and hangs up in my face.

A few things are worth revamping as it pertains to customer service and Mr. Transmission: 1.) Most customers don't mind paying a fee for testing, however, Mr Transmission offers it free. If they feel like they're wasting time and/or money on free testing, CHARGE A FEE! It's rude and unprofessional to mistreat customers because they wish to shop around for better prices. I wouldn't have minded paying a fee for testing, and customers shouldn't be mistreated if and when they decide not to go further with my services there.

2.) A smile and some compassion goes a long way in the customer service world. When dealing with something as expensive as transmission repairs, people don't want to hear bad news as cut and dry as Bob delivers it. Have compassion. Give customers options. Be direct in what is exactly wrong with the vehicle and don't try to get your money elsewhere.

Horrible experience.....


We thank you for your input and we are always looking for ways to better ourselves. As for the 2 vehicles you brought in, the one we checked first had a Mercedes transmission which would be an expensive repair and not many people will work on these. We are not against any of our customers looking for a better price, however on these Mercedes transmissions, Bob tends to get a little more concerned. As for your second vehicle, we diagnosed it to have an electrical problem. Electrical problems can take longer to diagnose. Bob recommended to replace the transmission control module at a cost of $350.00 + tax which should solve the problem however you declined this recommendation.
As for you picking up your vehicle, if we had known you were coming to pick it up after we had closed, we could have left it outside the fence. For safety reasons each night we bring in as many vehicles that can fit into our fenced lot and yours was one of the first brought into the lot and was blocked by 15 other vehicles.
Compassion is one of the reasons we've always offered a free diagnostic check to our customers. It's also out of compassion that Bob and I go the extra mile to help our customers to arrange a monthly payment that will fit their budget when an unexpected transmission failure occurs.
We are sorry that you had a bad experience and if you change your mind to have any of the offered services
done, we will be glad to help.
Jay Pond, Owner/Operator

Mr. Transmission Jackson commented on 04/26/2019